Top 10 Bizarre Periods-Themed Merchandise

We’ve come across some really fab stuff themed around the humble period and also some items that are pretty, well… judge for yourself…

1. Uterus Earrings

Cute enough to wear at any time of the month

Uterus earrings - Bizarre Periods

2. Oxygen-Release Pads

For a blast of fresh air right when, and where, you need it

Oxygen Pads - Bizarre Periods

3. The Board Game

How dull Mousetrap seems in comparison

Period Board Game - Bizarre Periods

4. Period-pain Relieving Chocolate

A stroke of genius, chocolate with herbal pain relief built in

Period Chocolate - Bizarre Periods

5. Cartoon Reusable Pads

Extra fun to brighten up your undies

Hello Kitty - Bizarre Periods

6. Period Jewels

Ruby-red brooches to fix on a lapel, or somewhere more radical. Or would you prefer a panty-liner ring?

Period Jewellery - Bizarre Periods

7.  Politically Incorrect Panties

No grabbing here, but if you have blood coming out of your ‘wherever’, Donald Trump is your man

Trump Undies - Bizarre Periods

8. Period Colouring Book

Express your creativity in full colour and get your red felt tips out

Period Colouring Book - Bizarre Periods

9. The Boy Band Treatment

Throw your (period-themed) knickers at these Swedish boys for a tampon singalong

10. FabLittleBag

OK, it’s not bizarre, it’s fab! These genius sanitary bags will take your period from ‘ugh’ to ‘yay’. Buy here >


We hope that some of the taboos around periods are disappearing and some of these items certainly reflect our growing ease with our most natural bodily functions.

However, our research shows that 84% of us feel embarrassed disposing of tampons in someone else’s home… that’s a lot of angst going on behind closed doors!

FabLittleBag is the first fit-for-purpose sanitary bag for disposing of tampons (and panty-liners, sanitary towels, applicators, intimate wipes, condoms… all sorts of unflushables!). Here’s what makes it so fab:

  • Open with one hand, using the clever loops
  • Opaque, so the contents aren’t on display
  • Seals closed, securely and hygienically
  • Bio-degradable and made with 35% organic waste material

You can buy it in Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Ethical Superstore, subscription boxes or right here >

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