Camping in Africa with FabLittleBag

We recently received this letter from a customer called Anna, reporting back from her trip in Africa. Lucky she packed her FabLittleBags!

“When I went to Africa in the summer, I used some FabLittleBags as I was there for a month I obviously had my period during this month and the FabLittleBags were a very useful resource for me to have. I travelled between Zambia, Botswana and Namibia and camped the entire time so sanitary bins were not at my disposal (especially because we were in the middle of nowhere for the duration of the trip). For example, we camped on an island on the Okavango delta which is obviously somewhere that would not have sanitary bins (in fact there were no toilets at all, only a hole in the ground), this is similar to when we stayed in a village in Zambia where the situation was very similar, only a hole in the ground.

“This is why the FabLittleBags were so useful for me because I didn’t have to worry whether there would be any bins or not. It definitely takes away some of the anxiety which girls, who are going to less developed countries where they know may not have bins for long periods of time, may face which could prevent them from wanting to go in the first place.

“Although most places within the UK will have bins in all of the toilets (even though I went somewhere the other day which didn’t have a bin in the cubicle!) they are still very useful to have in case you do find yourself in an awkward situation. Also, they are very convenient to carry around as they are small and don’t weigh anything which should hopefully help girls who may suffer from worrying about things like sanitary waste and where they will put it and encourage periods to become less of a taboo topic.

“I hope that my story of using them in Africa and the UK are useful.”

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing her story! Wherever you’re going on holiday this summer, make sure you’re ready for anything with FabLittleBag.

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  1. What a great idea, I go to Africa camping alot too and did struggle with this issue myself. Came across these bags and after reading this article they seem the perfect solution. When your camping, disposing of your pads and tampons hygenically can really make you worry. Especially if you cant use other forms such as cups or birth control like myself. I will purchase and definately recommend to friends. Thank you!

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