Our dispenser is ready for its close up

Check out our lovely new dispenser, specially made for dispensing FabLittleBags.

See what we mean? It makes fabbing even fabber!

This dispenser has been lovingly designed to look good in your bathroom and work like a dream, with a smooth dispensing action. Just stack your FabLittleBags neatly inside and when fully loaded you’re ready to roll. Then you can seal away your tampons and pads, ready for the bin, and your guests can do the same.

It’s fantastic if you’ve got a septic tank, or one of those toilets that just loves to block, or want to ensure that nothing unflushable finds its way down the U-bend.

It’s not always apparent what goes on behind the bathroom door when people come to visit, until you get a blockage of course. 60% of women habitually flush their tampons, mostly completely unaware that it causes horrible pollution in our rivers and seas from overflowing sewage. Surely your friends and family don’t flush? Or do they? You may be surprised!

Save your plumbing bills (and Nemo too) from the scourge of the flushed tampon or pad by fixing a FabLittleBag dispenser right there on the bathroom wall or in your guest loo.

It fixes to the wall with screws, or if DIY is not your thing (me neither), there’s the option of using self adhesive pads instead. Choose from our smart colour options, chrome or gloss white, to coordinate with your décor scheme.

Our first batch of dispensers is available from MAY 2018,  but if you’re raring to go and fancy an early bird discount, you can place an order for yours now. Go straight to our online shop pages for the chrome dispenser or white dispenser here.

This unique design only works with FabLittleBags so don’t try it with any other bags… hang on, why on earth would you?!


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