The Fab 5 Minutes starts here!

Welcome! Let’s hear it from Martha Silcott, inventor and CEO of FabLittleBag…

Now here’s a Fab 5 Minutes with Martha interviewing the COO of FabLittleBag, Penny Maystone, finding out what makes her tick!

Now it’s Penny’s turn to put Martha in the firing line, for a Fab 5 Minutes interview about her passions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us and feel inspired to pursue your dreams too.

2 thoughts on “The Fab 5 Minutes starts here!

    1. Hi Anna, we’re big fans of menstrual cups but not everyone gets on well with them. Tampons remain by far and away the most popular option at the moment. We’re here to offer a better disposal option for tampon users, as well as for pads, condoms, wipes, etc. To our surprise, some cup users have told us that they use FabLittleBag to store their spare soiled cup when out and about!

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