FabLittleBag® in Natural Lifestyle Magazine

February sees FabLittleBag® featured in the lifestyle pages of Natural Lifestyle Magazine. Natural Lifestyle is the UK’s original and best monthly natural health title, FabLittleBag’s® eco-friendly approach to tampon disposal makes us a perfect fit within their pages!

“We know that feminine hygiene products have a huge impact on the environment…”

Now, there is an eco friendly solution… enter FabLittleBag®, an easy to use disposable bag that uses a unique patented finger loop, which allows you to open and seal with one hand, providing a hygienic and discreet disposal solution to this taboo area.

FabLittleBags® are partially made from sugar cane waste, are biodegradable and their use will ensure that tampons, applicators and any intimate wipes will stay out of sewers, rivers and oceans.

You can read the February issue of Natural Lifestyle Magazine for free online at www.mynaturallifestyle.co.uk/imag/nlfeb2016/.