Tips for a fresh festival

If the first rays of sunshine make you think of denim shorts, Hunter wellies and glitter make-up, then chances are you’re a festival fan. We’re heading off to FloVibe festival this June, making sure the loos are stocked with lots of FabLittleBags for everyone! Here are our top tips for feeling clean and refreshed, even as you get that bit closer to nature…

  • Look fresh – take ear plugs and an eye mask to help you get your beauty sleep against the odds.
  • Hats and plaits – go low-maintenance with your hair and if all else fails, wear a hat.
  • Lash out – avoid panda eyes from last night’s mascara and tint your lashes before you go.
  • Keep it wrapped – those travel toiletry bottles may not hold much, but you don’t want them leaking over your stuff. Zip-loc them.
  • Plan your outfits – and remember that clean and dry may become your style mantra.
  • Wipe out – for an in-tent freshen-up, wet wipes can be a lifesaver, but these plastic-based products are a curse for the environment. Bag ’em up for proper disposal after the festival.
  • It’s the little things that count – there’s always room in your rucksack for these mini but mighty essentials: lip balm, phone charger, tampons and FabLittleBags!

Do yourself and everyone else a favour and don’t block the portaloo with a flushed tampon. Spare your blushes and your flushes with a FabLittleBag… open, in, seal and bin!

As a cautionary tale, check out our #festifail stories of when it all goes horribly wrong, if you dare… >>

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