Flusher or binner? We go on the streets to find out

As a conversation starter, it’s quite a blunt question: “are you a flusher or a binner?”. But these strangers were happy to shed some light on what goes on behind the bathroom door, revealing their habits and feelings around the issue of tampon and pad disposal. If you’ve ever wondered what everyone else does, watch this…

Our research with Mumsnet shows that over 60% of women choose to flush their tampons, most of whom are completely unaware of the environmental issues that this causes. None of them seem to have noticed that tiny print on the side of the tampon box, advising that they should be binned instead.

Even for dedicated binners, the experience can be awkward, especially if you find yourself short on toilet roll, or even without a bin at all. No wonder over half of women claim to have done the Handbag Smuggle, a bit like Georgina in this film.

One of our favourite things is showing FabLittleBag to women for the first time. The gasps, the jaw drops, the moment when the penny drops and they can see how it’s going to make their periods that bit better. FabLittleBag may sound like a purely functional practical product, but it packs quite an emotional punch too, as it is such a sensitive time of the month. Anything that makes periods less stressful is really welcome!

Our research shows that even determined flushers are converted to binning when they are given a decent alternative like FabLittleBag. So in answer to the question – are you a flusher or a binner – the answer could well be “it depends if I have a FabLittleBag”!

We hope you enjoy the film. Tell us what you think!