How do mums really want to spend Mother’s Day?

A new poll reveals how mothers actually want to spend Mother’s Day. The charity Wellbeing of Women teamed up with FabLittleBag to ask their supporters for their preferences on Twitter.

The voters chose between four options:

  • Cup of tea in bed
  • Day out with the family
  • Chores taken care of
  • Total peace and quiet

Whilst 1 in 5 opted for a cup of tea in bed, a third wanted nothing more than total peace and quiet, showing that this in itself can be a rare luxury for many mothers. Only 11% voted for chores to be taken care of, which could possibly suggest that tasks are now shared more equally throughout the household, or simply that additional pleasures are valued more highly.

The highest proportion of votes, 36%, went to having a day out with the family, which will be reassuring for those sons and daughters who have arranged a treat to enjoy together with their mum.

The final scores were:

  • Cup of tea in bed 20%
  • Day out with the family 36%
  • Chores taken care of 11%
  • Total peace and quiet 33%

Total of 132 votes.

FabLittleBag and Wellbeing of Women wish mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day. Please donate today, your money will help Wellbeing of Women continue to save the lives of women and babies everywhere.

Wellbeing of Women is the UK’s only medical research charity across the breadth of women’s reproductive health and childbirth. Many of the treatments and cures taken for granted today benefitting millions of women in the UK and beyond, came about thanks to research Wellbeing of Women has funded over the last 50 years.

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