Ode to Fab – well, it is National Poetry Day

We’ve come over all poetic on National Poetry Day, inspired by our one true love: FabLittleBag!

Ode to Fab

Shall I compare thee to a rustley sack?
Thou art more silent and discreet
And one handed opening, fancy that!
Love FabLittleBag, we hear you tweet.

Handy, hygienic, clean, and stylish
Opaque for discretion, seals, no leakage
Perfect for bathroom, handbag, or anyone’s loo
Refills and dispensers, they’re degradable too!

No more angst and embarrassing issues
Gone are the days of masses of tissues!
FabLittleBag is your disposal saviour
Confident disposal and good binning behaviour

Open, In, Seal, Bin
Tampons, pads, wipes, they all fit in
FabLittleBag, the only way forward
They’re the best solution. Period.

If you have been inspired by the sheer poetry that is FabLittleBag, do feel free to share your odes with us!

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