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FabLittleBag - Our Story

Ever felt incredibly frustrated? That’s how I felt when faced with that oh so familiar dilemma: what to do with your used tampon.

Back then, I had recently learned to my surprise that flushing tampons caused horrible blockages and river/beach pollution. But wrapping it up in a trees-worth of loo roll before leaving it in the bin really did not appeal, really awkward when at other peoples houses too!

I felt sure there had to be a better way. There wasn’t, so I invented one. And FabLittleBag was born.

That makes it sound a whole lot easier than it actually has been! It took long years to secure patents on the unique design, and yet more years to pioneer a new manufacturing method, create a brand, figure out a heap of stuff I had no idea about.  With a large dollop of bloody-mindedness and hard work it all came together, with some interesting conversations with male supermarket buyers and investors about tampon disposal along the way!

But if it had been easy, then we wouldn’t be breaking new ground. And we know that for our customers, FabLittleBag has been a game-changer. We often hear that from women that they don’t know how they managed before FabLittleBag, that it has saved them from “a nightmare scenario”, that they no longer feel stressed about disposal, that they feel confident, and frankly, that makes it all worthwhile!

So whether we’re saving your blushes, your flushes or the planet, one tampon and pad at a time, we hope you’ll become a fan of FabLittleBag. Happy fabbing!

– Martha Silcott, CEO & Inventor of FabLittleBag, aka the Period Whisperer