Fab Little Period Quiz


Have you ever had a period? Do you know someone who’s ever have a period? Then the FabLittleBag period quiz is for you. There’s a prize for all entrants too! Warning: Some things you are about to discover may well and truly blow your mind.

Let's get quizzical...

Your period can change your...

Period Quiz
The average woman (whatever that means) menstruates roughly how many times in her life?
Tampon comes from the Old French 'tapon' which means...
Most women in the UK choose to...
FabLittleBag - the best disposal method, period.

Which of these beauties' menstrual cycle is closest to ours?

Period Quiz
A catamenial device is better known as...
Women in Ancient Greece fashioned their own tampons from...

Period Quiz
In the 1920s, an eminent pediatrician claimed menstruating women produced toxins which...
Which country lets women take a ‘period day’ off work each month?
We Brits have been known to flush how many sanitary products down the toilet every year?

Now let's see how you scored... (there's a prize for everyone!)

14 thoughts on “Fab Little Period Quiz

    1. I know!! It’s a fascinating topic and most of us know very little about it. No full marks for anyone yet! Thanks for doing the quiz 🙂

    1. One whole correct answer? You’re doing better than a lot of people! Next time I think we need to add a few more clues… 🙂

  1. I thought that the ancients had used seas sponges as early tampons.

    We must stop flushing tampons! – I use fab little bags now!

    1. Yes, sea sponges have been in use for centuries, although the ancient Greeks particularly favoured the wood method, apparently. So glad that to hear you’re a Fabber 🙂

    1. You’re in good company as it seems that 2 is a typical score! We’ll make the next quiz a bit easier methinks.

  2. I only got two right. Shows what I don’t know about periods. Who knew I had so much in common with a fruit bat?!

    1. It’s funny how little we know about our bodies. And I’ll never look at bats quite the same way again 😉

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