War on Wipes! How Flushable is Flushable?

The environmental backlash against wet wipes is heading for the regulators.

Water UK has complained to Trading Standards regarding the labelling on wet wipes in the latest challenge to their being marketed as “flushable”.

FabLittleBag welcomes the call by water companies and environmental groups to ban the word “flushable” on wet wipes. Wipes have enjoyed a surge in popularity but, as they fail to disperse on flushing, they block sewers and cause polluting overflow into natural waterways.

This challenge follows a recent complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority spearheaded by Wessex Water, in an attempt to ensure that products that cause such havoc in our sewers should no longer be marketed as “flushable”. FabLittleBag supports calls by City to Sea, Surfers Against Sewage, Marine Conservation Society and Litter Free Coast & Sea to #BeABinner, so that wipes, tampons and other menaces to our waterways are binned instead of flushed.

New problems have generated new solutions, and the start-up company is offering an alternative to blocked sewers and bins turned into bio-hazards by soiled wipes. FabLittleBag is tailor made for the purpose, sealing away wipes (also tampons and pads) in a hygienic, opaque sanitary bag. To convert the most dedicated flushers, the binning experience is made more appealing than flushing, by innovative design. The bags come with patented loops to allow them to be opened with one hand – very useful if the other hand is holding a soiled wipe.

Without FabLittleBag, used items are flushed, or wrapped in toilet tissue then left as a sodden bundle in the bin. Alternatives are rustling, transparent, plastic nappy sacks, that do little to enhance the experience or protect the environment.  If the bathroom bin is lidless, liner-less or simply non-existent, the hygienic seal on FabLittleBag means that users can confidently pop it in their handbag or pocket instead, for disposal later.

FabLittleBag works with 4 of the UK water companies who provide FabLittleBags to their customers as part of their educational campaign to ensure that only Pee Poo and Paper get flushed down the loo!

Importantly, FabLittleBag is degradable and made from 35% organic waste material.

Research conducted by Anglian Water with 342 Mumsnet testers found that 78% would use FabLittleBag to dispose of their intimate wipes.

Martha Silcott, the inventor of FabLittleBag says,

“Honest labelling on wipes will mean better informed consumers and prevent costly blockages and pollution of our waterways. Flushable does not mean dispersible. FabLittleBag was created to save our sewers from tampons, wipes, pads, condoms and other non-flushables, by providing a fit-for-purpose sanitary bag that is clean and satisfying to use”.

For more information, or for further comment from entrepreneur Martha Silcott, please email [email protected]

FabLittleBag is sold at Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Ethical Superstore, Natural Collection and directly  here on fablittlebag.com

RRP £2.99 Bathroom Pack (contains 20 bags)