WoW! Why Wellbeing of Women is our no.1

What does wellbeing mean to you? For the inspiring scientists, researchers and doctors at Wellbeing of Women it can mean IVF, a fetal scan, or even life-changing supplements in pregnancy. FabLittleBag’s favourite charity is dedicated to funding medical research that has proved essential for women’s health issues at every stage of their lives.

Who knew that so many of the wonderful benefits for women’s health originated from this organisation’s ground-breaking work?

  • They discovered the importance of taking folic acid in pregnancy with their very first grant. Now nearly every pregnant mum takes this supplement
  • They funded research that found the link between the HPV virus and cervical cancer. Now nearly every school girl is vaccinated to prevent this
  • They pioneered Cyberknife – targeted radiotherapy – to treat gynaecological cancers
  • They created the Baby Bio Bank, containing tissue samples from 7,000 families who have suffered pregnancy complications, to enable worldwide research into miscarriage

This is small selection of their many achievements that have transformed the lives of women and newborns and prevented needless heartache and suffering. Their discoveries are continuing to shed light into this often neglected area of medicine and making headlines around the world.

We’re passionate supporters of the charity and so we’re spreading the word about the unsung work that they do. It is so gratifying to know that any funds donated here, great or small, can be used in such a satisfying and productive way, with benefits for millions of women, both today and in future.

If you’d like to get involved in any way, have a look at their website here. Do let us know if you’re doing any fundraising for Wellbeing of Women and we’d be happy to lend our support and make some noise!


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