Flushers are a complex bunch, which one are you?

Determined Flusher

“Always flush, always will, no changing me”

Guilty Flusher

“I know it’s not good to flush but don’t fancy the alternatives…

Gobsmacked Flusher

“What?! Flushing is bad? Really I thought it was fine to flush…?”

Flushing a tampon is just not a good idea for several reasons:

  • Our sewer systems can only handle bodily waste and toilet paper; anything else, are a nightmare and frequently get stuck, and if it floods can end up in our rivers, seas – yuk!
  • Embarrassing… they don’t always flush away, if you’ve ever experienced poor plumbing you’ll know the problems flushing tampons can cause!
  • Sometimes you just can’t flush them eg. septic tank, festivals, camping, sailing etc.

FabLittleBag to the rescue!

Super Practical
Look, one hand! Easy, hygienic, discreet

Environmentally a better choice
Keep tampons out of the rivers, seas and sewers

Guilt-free, Stress-free
FabLittleBag puts you back in control of disposal, every time, anywhere…

The best solution. Period.