Why World Toilet Day Matters

Loos, lavs, latrines… call them what you will, but all too often we take toilets for granted. Today 2.4 billion people around the world are suffering serious health issues all for the lack of toilet facilities.

Which is why the United Nations General Assembly officially designated 19th November as World Toilet Day. With sanitation now a global development priority, the UN is joining forces with governments to ensure everyone everywhere has access to toilets by 2030. Not many of us could cross our legs for that long, but serious action is being taken to meet that target.

At FabLittleBag we frequently hear about the angst that sanitary disposal issues can cause women during their periods and how, even in the West, sewage networks can grind to a halt by people clogging up the works with flushed tampons and wipes.

We’re proud that FabLittleBag is helping to tackle these issues by offering the first fit-for-purpose sanitary bag, as well as keeping unflushables out of the sewer system. With a dependable, hygienic alternative to flushing, more women are changing their disposal habits, and giving a bit of love back to their loo.

We wish the UN well in raising awareness and hitting that 2030 toilet target. Until then, don’t forget to love your loo (or lav, latrine, bog, throne, khazi, powder room… ).

#loveyourloo #worldtoiletday

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