You can’t flush this

There’s no need to make a song and dance about it! Or maybe there is. After all, if you’re United Utilities, you must be tired of the expense, repairs and pollution caused by people flushing the unflushable. So they made a little song about it …

In the UK, water companies spend £88m every year clearing the blockages caused by wipes, condoms, cotton buds, tampons and pads. These could be the notorious ‘fatbergs’, where these items get caught up in congealed cooking oil to completely bung up the pipes. The overflowing sewage goes straight into our rivers, or could even flood into our homes and gardens.

So the next time you see a water company digging up the road to do some repairs, have a think about what you flush, and perhaps bin these items with a nifty FabLittleBag instead!

Until then, enjoy the film.

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