It’s the best solution, full stop. Period. Sunday Times Style Magazine
It’s even got little finger loops to hold it open with one hand Metro
Why have these bags not been around FOREVER?! MMT
FabLittleBags have changed women’s habits and reduced their anxiety NetDoctor
I wish these had been invented when I was a young teen Girl Versus Make Up
A great little invention Women Sport Report
Such a simple idea and with so many other uses besides the thing none of us talk about! Catherine Cross
I will definitely be stocking up on these! Sparkles at Midnight
They lived up to and then surpassed my expectations Baba A Fi
I love how discreet and subtle the design is London Beauty Queen
I must say these are a genius idea! Olivia Cheryl
Biodegradable bag hopes to fight the flushers The Guardian
Small, slick, discreet and easy to use! Cherrie
BRILLIANT. Finally a workable alternative to flushing. I feel good about doing good! HK
I think FabLittleBags are exactly as the name suggests! I always felt guilty about flushing tampons but found the idea of them being in a bathroom bin at home really yucky – FabLittleBags have solved that problem. Design-wise, they’re pretty much perfect. Merry
A fantastic product that has spared my blushes on several occasions! HH
As well as being super cute, these are super functional. Fab invention. Life Through TSG Blog
Tackle your period like a boss with FabLittleBag, a discreet, environmentally friendly, cheap handbag essential. Pop Sugar

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