I think what you've invented is the greatest thing ever! Very useful and very eco friendly. Helena Abad Escámez
Thank goodness for this product. I have never been a flusher so have spent years smuggling out used tampax in loo roll in my handbag. Not nice! At home I have used nappy sacks so I welcome a product fit for purpose. Madeleine Clarke
Do you ever come across a product and wonder where it's been all your life? Life, Love & Dirty Dishes
I love your FabLittleBags, they have saved my life!! I've not only used them in dire situations when I was somewhere that a bin was not accessible but also when visiting family and friends. I will continue to use them forever Mia Foreman
Bathroom Packs arrived yesterday. Excellent service and products. SG
They are an amazing product and I recommend them to all my mummy friends. Catherine Thompson
The best thing to be invented since the tampon! FB
Finally! Such an easy solution to an awkward situation at a time when extra stress is the LAST thing you want. Anna Sutherland
FabLittleBag aka how-did-I-manage-before-these-were-invented-bags! Do you get how happy this makes me? Even. More. Absolutely Prabulous
This clever little invention lets you dispose of your sanitary products by placing them in a ...er... fab little bag! I love this product so much The Wellnest
It’s the best solution, full stop. Period. Sunday Times Style Magazine
Why have these bags not been around FOREVER?! MMT
Now, there is an eco friendly solution… enter FabLittleBag Natural Lifestyle Magazine
FabLittleBags have changed women’s habits and reduced their anxiety NetDoctor
I wish these had been invented when I was a young teen Girl Versus Make Up
A great little invention Women Sport Report
Boom yes you are #fablittlebag #awesome Abigail Barnes
I will definitely be stocking up on these! Sparkles at Midnight
They lived up to and then surpassed my expectations Baba A Fi
I love how discreet and subtle the design is London Beauty Queen

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