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If you care about the environment, or have ever experienced a blocked toilet, you probably hate the thought of flushing tampons – but the alternative “bag and bin” options can be fraught with anxiety and difficulties… or they were until FabLittleBagTM came along.

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Really practical, will solve the stressful problem of disposing with tampons

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You can buy FabLittleBagTM right here from us directly, from Amazon, from Waitrose in-store and online, Ocado online and Whole Foods in-store!

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When you’re done, you flush. Off goes your tampon, never to be seen again… or does it?

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Why should I use FabLittleBagTM?

Tell us, which are you?


You wrap it in toilet roll, or put in a nappy sack, and pop in the bin. Faffy, yukky, not very discreet but it’s the only way right?

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Solves a problem!
Nice and small; solves a problem
Discreet and easy to use!
Small, slick, discreet and easy to use!

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