Periods Playlist! Music for that time of the month

Get those toes tapping with our periods playlist, your ultimate jukebox for that time of the month.

First up, it’s the Period Song!

Anna Shields and friends celebrate the good, the bad and the bloody in this funny (& rather catchy) little number. We particularly like her having a sip of some blue liquid…

Now let’s get rapping with the Girlyappa gang, with a touch of Bollywood thrown in. “Just go with the flow, yo”.

Next, let’s go boy band crazy with Alex! It may be in Swedish but dancing tampons are the same in any language.

A sensitive acoustic treatment from Shane Berg, “Go ahead and bleed it out…”

And if you are big fan of Frozen, look away now. Lyrics are included so go for it with a feelgood singalong. Elsa and Anna have nothing on these two:

Have you got any suggestions for our period playlist? Do share!

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We hope you enjoyed our periods playlist. And if you now have those tunes going round your head, we can only say “sorry” and “us too”!