Take the Quiz – Which Taboo is True?

We women can be pretty rubbish when it comes to talking about periods. But why? We all have ‘em. And none of us would be bloody well here without them – pun intended. So let’s say ta-ta to the taboo and get sharing our experiences for the greater good.

Now that’s settled, can you guess which of these taboos are true?

Snow Red? Period Taboo

The word ‘vagina’ was first written in a screenplay for a Disney film.
Blue-blooded? Period Taboo

Only blue blood can be shown in ads for tampons and towels.
Bras-sed off? Period Taboo

Bra ads in the U. S. weren’t allowed to show women modelling bras until 1987
Off you pop - Period Taboo

When applicator tampons launched in the 1930s, they were deemed so shocking that women under 21 weren’t allowed to use them.
Period Taboo

The Blue Lagoon was the first film to show a girl having a period.
Periods in Space - Period Taboo

In 1983 NASA engineers asked Sally Ride – the first woman in space - if 100 tampons would be enough for her week-long mission. 
Things are getting hairy - Period Taboo

Laws of ‘public decency’ prevent shop mannequins having pubic hair.
Don't sing it! Period taboo

Periods have never been mentioned in any produced song. Ever.
Vintage - Period Taboo

Buying sanitary towels was such a taboo in the 1920s that women had to get a prescription for them.
Good vibrations - Period taboo

The U.S Patent Office has a proposal for a vibrating tampon.

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